Deer-Vehicle Crash Information Clearinghouse

Deer Vehicle Crash Information and Research (DVCIR)   Center Pooled Fund

The pooled fund proposal initially advertised for the creation of a Deer-Vehicle Crash Information and Research Center (DVCIR Center) has concluded. More information about the initial pooled fund can be found here.   Advisory members for the DVCIR Center are in the process of discussing its future path. See the contact information under “About Us” if you have additional question.

 DVCIR Center Pooled Fund Summary

The overall objective of the initial DVCIR Center Pooled Fund project was to create a focal point center that strategically considers/disseminates unbiased deer-vehicle crash (DVC) impact information and funds properly designed countermeasure research evaluations. The DVICIR Center Pooled Fund proposal was in response to:

1) Decades of attempts and the expense of many many dollars to address a widespread and highly variable safety problem in a generally piecemeal fashion by a number of jurisdictions, and

2) Numerous suggestions that the current DVC Information Clearinghouse work ( be expanded beyond the upper Midwest region and into funding projects that properly address the large gaps that exist in the state-of-the-knowledge related to the safety impacts of potential DVC countermeasures.

A strategic approach is needed to begin to economically and effectively reduce the DVC safety problem. The projects completed by the DVCIR Center will be determined by representatives of the participating agencies.

The objective is to have a wide range of participating agencies in the fund (e.g., DOTs, DNRs, insurance, trucking, non-profits, Ministries of Transportation and Environment, and any others that might be interested).